How I knew him


Hi! I'm am a 25 year-old girl who lives in the beautiful country of Panama (it is located in Central America, I need to tell you this because there are people who don't know where it is). I'm known in cyberspace as Lady Serena, for one of my favorite anime characters (Sailor Moon).

I created "Tarkan's Palace" because I wanted the world to know Tarkan, and to share with everyone the happiness for having discovered such a great and nice artist. I love him for his songs, which I find fascinating, but also he's such a sexy hunk! Oh, I would like to have a man like him, so good-looking, with those beautiful green eyes!!! Ahhh, I'm melting away for this hottie!!!

The first time I learned about Tarkan was in January 2000. I was reading January's TV Gua (TV Guide) magazine, where I found an article on some new artist. At the end of the article was a photo of a pair of eyes. The photo was black and white, so I couldn't tell which color they were, only that they were beautiful. I told myself: "If this man looks as good as this eyes, then I would fall for him!"

A few days later, someone told me: "There's some kind of strange music on the radio, like arab music." Then I listened to Simarik, and I realised that the guy of the beautiful eyes was also an excellent singer. Now I wanted to know how he looked.

Then, at the end of the month, I found a pic of him in the Sbado Espectacular magazine. Ah, it was the first time I saw him! And he was so cute, so handsome!!!

Then I decided to buy the CD. But there weren't any left! Everyone had bought it. I went to other stores and I couldn't buy it either, they told me I had to wait until mid-March, which was when they would receive more CD's. Finally, I was lucky, because I found it in Gran Morrison, and I was able to buy it.

When I listened to it, I couldn't understand a thing. But music is the universal language, and I could feel what the songs are about.

Then I watched the Simarik video on TV. I thought: "If I were there, I would also chase him, like those women!" But I wanted to know more about him. The panamanian newspapers and magazines just published his biography (by Universal Music), so I searched in the Internet, toI learn a little more about Tarkan's life and career.

I thought that when Tarkan came to Mexico, I could watch him on television. But that wasn't possible. He appeared exclusively on TV Azteca, and in my country, neither cable nor Direct TV carried that channel at the time. We could only watch back then the other mexican channel (Televisa). I was very disappointed.

Later, I watched an interview of Tarkan in MTV Latino, and I even taped it. But I still wanted to know more about this turkish hearthrob.

I would like someday, to go to one of his concerts, to meet him and tell how great he is. But that's almost impossible, maybe in the future...Meanwhile, I'll continue to cherish his music and to support him in every way. I want the world to be as captivated by Tarkan as I am right now.

Lady Serena



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